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"Kommando 6 is not tied to a special style, but its circle (a loose connection of independent producers) shares a preference for the darker side of electronic music. Kommando 6's headquarters are situated in Augsburg (a town with 275.000 people, located in the conservative Bavaria, South-Germany), which is a cultural desert for people who live and feel beyond mass culture. Since forever here it was very hard to find space for sub-cultural activities. Nevertheless (or: just for that very reason) there were always small, but very lively underground circles. The Kommando 6 circle came together in the mid 90's and since then was steadily engaged in activities around electronic music. From 1996-2000 they were quite involved in the Elektrik Nacht party-series, which took place once a month (mainly with local DJ's, live performers & video artists). These parties became the crowded meeting-point for electronic music freaks from the whole area, but in 2000, for various reasons, it was decided to suspend the series... Very soon the need arose to start something new and so Beta Evers founded the Kommando 6 "collective" and network in September 2000. It started with the idea of regular parties with a local and selected international line-up. The first K6-Party happened three months later. Soon after, it was decided to run a record label named Kommando 6. This label would mainly feature artists from the Augsburg area. The first vinyl-release of Kommando 6 (March 2002) introduced some local producers whose tracks had deserved to come out of the hidden production-rooms. From 2003 on, the network grew bigger and the label was opened up to include selected producers from beyond Augsburg & Germany. Between 2002 and 2006 twenty records have been released on Kommando 6 records. The releases were mainly self-distributed to selected record-stores. End of 2004 the K6-party division was closed and in December 2006 the label was closed. Watch out for K6 artists on other labels. "Our (dark) connections and network will stay alive". / December 2006


Producers who have released EPs/LPs on K6:

Alex Nôrinh (AUS)
Beta Evers (GER)
Black Spider Clan (GER)
Charly Kent (GER)
Der Unsichtbare (GER)
Dystronic (GER)
Manasyt (BG)
Ra-X (NL)
Slick Rogers (GER)
TecRoc (GER)
Umwelt (FR)

Thanks to these artists above who worked with K6.
Also thanks to the various guest artists who appeared on K6 compilations!

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